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Remember the Time: My Memories of Michael Jackson
June 26, 2009, 6:44 pm
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Do you remember the time?

I do.

It was one of those moments. The moments where you remember everything. From where you were, what you were wearing, how you felt… everything.

The first tweet came from @BreakingNews & Hours pasted before CNN confirmed what we had all feared to be true:

The greatest entertainer of our time, Michael Jackson, had died. Passed away of cardiac arrest at the age of 50. Continue reading


Death to Obama? Really?
June 23, 2009, 1:30 pm
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So, I’m on Twitter and I see an interesting headline pop across the screen. “Southern Baptist minister prays for Obama’s death” Intrigued, I open the article:

“The Rev. Wiley Drake, a former second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, told Fox News Radio earlier this month that he was practicing “imprecatory prayer” or seeking a divine curse that would cause the president to die.”

To pray for someone’s death is absolutely abhorrent. When you pray for someone’s death, you’re essentially telling them they to “go to Hell.”

God is the giver of life. Jesus came that we “may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10) But it is his enemy, Satan who “comes to steal, KILL, and destroy” (John 10:9) We know the 10 Commandments say not to murder and I would propose that praying for someone’s death ventures incredibly close to murder. You may not have literally killed that person, but some blood will be on your hands.

Regardless of what you believe about that particular person, to wish them death is ridiculous. And to call yourself a minister, someone who allegedly represents Christ, on top of that? Well… you sir, will have to answer to God for that.

I, honestly, don’t care whether or not you love and support everything the President does or not. As a Christian it is part of your duty to pray for the President to have wisdom, guidance, protection, discernment, and leadership. People, you have no idea what President Obama is up against. No idea. A little support, even if it’s just a prayer, goes a long way.

If you don’t like his administration, I don’t believe there is anything forbidding you from moving elsewhere, so you may want to take advantage of that opportunity.

However, it’s always important to read the whole article before making decisions. I’m glad I did because apparently it’s just this man that has (or at least admits) this point of view.

“Roger Oldham, vice president for convention relations with the Southern Baptist’s executive committee, told the Associated Baptist Press that Drake’s comments do not reflect the actions, resolutions or positions of the denomination.”

Well, thank God for spokespeople clarifying that! My goal is here NOT to judge him, lest the same standard be one day held against me. No, I’ll let God do that. My goal in writing this is to say: Pray for your president regardless of how you feel about him and his policies. Don’t wish death upon ANY person.

Read the article here: “Southern Baptist minister prays for Obama’s death

To My Dad… On Father’s Day
June 21, 2009, 5:18 pm
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This is probably the first year that I haven’t been able to see my dad on Father’s Day. For some that may seem normal, but not for me. I didn’t really want to do a card and my dad LOVES words of affirmation and encouragement so I put together a little video.

The prayer we prayed at Destiny this afternoon, that I prayed over my dad:

Lord, I come to you in the name of Jesus, believing that You have wonderful plan for my life. Help me to experience Your presence and favor as I bring all of my cares, concerns, challenges and commitments to Your throne on a daily basis.

Fill me with thanksgiving as You show me how to walk in dominion. I want my children to see You in me in how I talk to them, walk before them, and have fun with them. I want to learn how to skillfully use all the tools you’ve given to me spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially protect and provide for those who have been entrusted to my care. No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper and every tongue that rises against me, I shall condemn.

Give me eyes to see and the heart to respond to the pioneering opportunities that you bring across my path. I will “man up” for your flory as I embrace my call to dominion, the level above my swagger! Live in me as I lead other men and families to You… In Jesus’ name, AMEN

Don’t Say a Word!
June 16, 2009, 6:41 pm
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Don’t say a word. That’s right, you heard me. You need it another way? SHUT UP!

If your life does not reflect and glorify Christ when you’re silent, how could it possibly once you open your mouth. I should be able to see a marked difference, evidence of an internal transformation because of your relationship with Christ. If that evidence is not there, you just may need to examine your relationship with Him to see whether or not it truly exists.

There are people around you who need to see your response to the issues of life in a different way. A more excellent way. Your actions should prove Christ HAS changed you and is more than capable of changing others.

I can imagine what the world would say to us Christians… They’d say what Chrisette Michele says in her song “What You Do” “Say it with your actions. Saying those words to me doesn’t mean a thing to me. I don’t wanna hear them; Baby you can keep those three. You might as well not even speak.”

Why don’t we respond by saying, “I can’t tell you nothing you ain’t already heard; no matter what I say it’s nothing but words Just let me prove to you what I know is real” (Anthony David & India Arie’s “Words”)?

Instead, e spend entirely too much time arguing over trivial matters that have zero impact on a person’s eternal destination. You really think debating religion is going to save people? Think again! Why don’t you SHOW them the love of Christ instead of trying to prove He existed? Maybe because you don’t know how to!

If faith without works is dead, then talk without action is at best ignorance, and at worst, suicide. We are human BEINGS. We’re not human doings or human talkings. Before you talk about it; be about it. BE a Christian first and foremost.

A Tragic Scene & Questions About God
June 11, 2009, 7:27 pm
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A friend emailed me the other day with a tragic story and a question about God. I wanted to share my response with you. Here’s what she wrote:

Today my friends woke up to a tragic scene. My best friend’s neighbors’ house was broken into this am and the husband was shot and killed. They have 3 small children, he was 31. I only met the husband a couple of times, but he and his wife were always nice and friendly. Why do these things happen to such good people? I hesitate to ask “Why would God allow that?” I just don’t understand how something so horrible could happen to someone that is living right in this world.


Here is my response:

That is absolutely tragic and I’m so sorry to hear about their loss! The family is definitely in my prayers.  I’m also humbled and appreciative that you would ask me a question like this. While there’s SO much I could say, I’ll try to keep it concise.

Why do bad things happen to good people? It I love to answer a question with a question, so I’ll do just that: Do bad people deserve to have bad things happen to them? What makes a person “bad vs “good”? Is someone bad because they’ve killed someone, but a “good” person is kind to everyone? We can’t look at the outward appearance to even the acts of others to completely determine whether a person is good or bad. The minute that I being to judge others in that way, I place myself above them and set myself up to be judged just as I have done to them.

The fact of life is this: Rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. We think it more tragic when things happen to “good” people, yet fail to realize “bad” people are people too. They have families and sibling and mothers and fathers who may be “good”. Their loved ones are probably just as devastated about what has happened to them as the families of the “good” people.

I wouldn’t hesitate to ask God anything. Especially the hard questions that start with why, how, what, when, or who. When I wrestle with God about those things, not only do I feel glad I “let Him have it” but I think He smiles at me. Asking those questions means I really want to understand His purpose and plans and have His mind.

Why God would allow something like that to happen is beyond me. And that’s where I want it. God is much bigger and His ways are so much higher than ours. Sometimes I’m glad I don’t see every trial and tribulation I’ll have to go through to get to where God has called me. If I knew now, instead of when I got there, I just may quit now before even attempting anything.

Think about this: You’re looking at a computer screen, but you’re only able to see a small 10×10 square of pixels. At first, it’s a few pretty colors you like, perhaps a faint image. What you saw wouldn’t make much sense, even though you’d be happy or content with it, right? Now say you saw that same 10×10 square change colors. Now it’s an ugly color, or something you didn’t like. You’d be more confused than at first right? Maybe you’d be frustrated and would try to figure out why the change was going on.

The good news is God is able to see the entire screen. He knows exactly why things are changing and tragedies are happening even when what we see doesn’t make much sense at all. That’s why He is God and we are not. Our finite brains can not possibly wrap around the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of a God whose hands are the width of the entire Universe.

Should We Be the Same Color?
June 10, 2009, 5:11 am
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I had one of the most random thought I have EVER had in my life the other day. I wanted to share it with you and get your thoughts, so here it is:

All humans on earth today are descended from Noah and his wife, his three sons and their wives (and before that from Adam and Eve) I find nothing to suggest that Noah’s family wasn’t of the same skin tone. This would mean it wasn’t until later that different skin tones evolved and languages developed.

So I wonder…

Does this mean God’s original intention was NOT to have different races (skin tones)?

When we engage in interracial relationships and marriages that produce racially mixed children, are we returning to God’s original intention for humans as it relates to race/skin tone?

June 8, 2009, 4:50 pm
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I was recently asked: What does is mean to be “approachable”?

Being approachable means a lot of things. It could mean you’re not surrounded by a whole entourage or crew of folks. Maybe it means you’re a personable person and are always available to talk to. Or perhaps it is, at it’s core, humility; where you don’t view any person, circumstance, or situation as being better or higher than you.

For anyone who would ask what it means to be approachable, I would ask this: If you have confidence, power and anointing, who is NOT approachable? Granted, they may not “appear” approachable, they may be uninviting or standoffish, but does that really matter?

I think the person who would care about how approachable someone is as an excuse to NOT approach them is really making excuses for their own lack of confidence and perhaps even self esteem issues.

What does being approachable mean to you?