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June 8, 2009, 4:50 pm
Filed under: My Life..., Relationships, Think About It

I was recently asked: What does is mean to be “approachable”?

Being approachable means a lot of things. It could mean you’re not surrounded by a whole entourage or crew of folks. Maybe it means you’re a personable person and are always available to talk to. Or perhaps it is, at it’s core, humility; where you don’t view any person, circumstance, or situation as being better or higher than you.

For anyone who would ask what it means to be approachable, I would ask this: If you have confidence, power and anointing, who is NOT approachable? Granted, they may not “appear” approachable, they may be uninviting or standoffish, but does that really matter?

I think the person who would care about how approachable someone is as an excuse to NOT approach them is really making excuses for their own lack of confidence and perhaps even self esteem issues.

What does being approachable mean to you?


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