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Don’t Say a Word!
June 16, 2009, 6:41 pm
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Don’t say a word. That’s right, you heard me. You need it another way? SHUT UP!

If your life does not reflect and glorify Christ when you’re silent, how could it possibly once you open your mouth. I should be able to see a marked difference, evidence of an internal transformation because of your relationship with Christ. If that evidence is not there, you just may need to examine your relationship with Him to see whether or not it truly exists.

There are people around you who need to see your response to the issues of life in a different way. A more excellent way. Your actions should prove Christ HAS changed you and is more than capable of changing others.

I can imagine what the world would say to us Christians… They’d say what Chrisette Michele says in her song “What You Do” “Say it with your actions. Saying those words to me doesn’t mean a thing to me. I don’t wanna hear them; Baby you can keep those three. You might as well not even speak.”

Why don’t we respond by saying, “I can’t tell you nothing you ain’t already heard; no matter what I say it’s nothing but words Just let me prove to you what I know is real” (Anthony David & India Arie’s “Words”)?

Instead, e spend entirely too much time arguing over trivial matters that have zero impact on a person’s eternal destination. You really think debating religion is going to save people? Think again! Why don’t you SHOW them the love of Christ instead of trying to prove He existed? Maybe because you don’t know how to!

If faith without works is dead, then talk without action is at best ignorance, and at worst, suicide. We are human BEINGS. We’re not human doings or human talkings. Before you talk about it; be about it. BE a Christian first and foremost.


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AMEN, Stu! You preached that one and I’m about to post it to my FB page. Got a lot of “Christians” that need to read it!

Comment by Brett

Great post bro! You hit the nail on the head. We spend too much time filling our lives up with words rather than thinking about what is coming out of our mouths.

Praying we can all “shut up” and think more.

Comment by Brad Ruggles

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