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Modern Day School Segregation: Is Race To Blame?
April 6, 2010, 11:39 am
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In America, race and class are inextricably linked. Whether by chance, or more likely, by purpose, that is the reality that we must live with. Most of the children who attend New York’s Lower Laboratory School for Gifted Education and Straus School, and their parents, know this all too well.

Straus and Lower Lab inhabit the same building in New York’s Upper East Side—P.S. 198—yet the two schools couldn’t be more different. The only thing they share is the building. While they utilize the same halls and bathrooms, the two schools never interact, even during lunch or recess. There’s an even more striking area they don’t share—the front door. Lower Lab, along with its student and teachers, gets to use the front door while the Straus students are forced to go around the side of the building to use the back door.

In Steven Thrasher’s article, “Inside a Divided Upper East Side Public School,” published in New York’s Village Voice, he describes the scene at P.S. 198 by saying, “If you’re a white student and you arrive at the public elementary school building on 95th Street and Third Avenue, you’ll probably walk through the front door. If you’re a black student, you’ll probably come in through the back.” Continue reading


Parents: It’s NOT Too Early To Talk To Your Kids About Sex!
December 8, 2009, 8:41 am
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It’s one of the things that parents dread the most, and kids look forward too just as much — the sex talk. It’s awkward for everyone involved. But apparently this awkwardness has cause many parents to delay having the conversation until after their children have had sex for the first time. This isn’t an intentional strategy, however, but rather laziness on the parent’s part.

A recent article in the Baltimore Sun said, “according to a new study appearing in the journal Pediatrics, ‘more than 40 percent of adolescents have already had sex by the time their parent had talked to them about sexually transmitted diseases and birth control.’”

Way to go parents! Good job! That’s how you inform you kids about condoms and birth control so you don’t wonder why they just pop up pregnant. Oh, wait… we must have been reading two different articles. I apologize. Continue reading