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Change Your Last Name! Please…
July 22, 2009, 1:25 am
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I believe when a man marries his wife, she should take his last name. Not retain hers. Not hyphen the 2 last names. Not combine the 2 last names and create a hybrid name. She should take his last name. If she so desires to hold onto hers she can use it as a middle name.

Taking a man’s name symbolizes the unity that you have created in a family. I says you are his wife. While the concept of women as property is outrageous and outdated, but the fact is this: The man is the leader and head of the household. The woman may (mistakenly) wear the pants, but God will ultimately hold the man accountable for what was done in his house. Even in choosing to let the woman run things, the man has the final say.

A wife who doesn’t have her husband’s name is not in full submission to him and to his authority. She also isn’t fully committed to the marriage. She is, in effect, saying to him, “I love you, but not enough to change my name. I’m excited about our future, but let me hold on to this piece of my past.”

Isn’t a name just a name? No, a name is so much more. Your family’s history, heritage, and reputation lie in their name. When I say Rockefeller, Kennedy, DeBeers, and Bush, you instantly have an idea of the family’s legacy; their beliefs, and their history. Continue reading