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Chemistry vs Compatibility — Vlog
March 19, 2010, 12:13 pm
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In any relationship, whether romantic or platonic, chemistry plays a role. It can make a “bad” relationship seem better than it is, and an already good relationship seem euphoric. But how important is it really? How does it compare to compatibility? Ultimately where we rank chemistry and compatibility are personal choices, but either way, their importance is inescapable.

Check out some more of my thoughts in the video below and let me know where you fall?

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I never thought about chemistry v. compatibility. It makes sense, though. In previous relationships, the chemistry was there, but the compatibility was non-existent. My current relationship has compatibility and chemistry- more of the former than the latter. It took 3 years for us to reach this level of chemistry.

Compatibility is more important than chemistry, IMO. Common goals, common beliefs, etc matter more than “does she/he make a great conversation partner?”

Comment by aconerlycoleman

Compatibility of course! More importantly, financial compatibility. If two people don’t share the same financial philosophies chemistry will fly right out door! Chemistry will only carry a couple so far.

Comment by Darlene Anthony

I respectfully disagree with both of the above comments. Where there is no chemistry, people rarely stick around to find out if there is compatibility. We are physical creatures. If a relationship is progressing toward marriage, and there is no chemistry between the two parties, how does that relationship stand a chance. The spark will die out…quickly. Sure someone may look good on paper and have a complimentary astrological sign, but lying next to them every night and procreating occasionally are impossible without chemistry.

Comment by Jonae Wartel

For me, chemistry is the jump-off point to finding out if we are compatible. There are people who I have gotten to know simply based of our chemistry.

Comment by Kee'Sha

I co-sign Jonae.

Comment by Kee'Sha

Chemistry is important in a relationship, but not as important as compatiability. When I share similar interests with a person– and those interests are things I rank highly– I always feel the chemistry and excitability when conversing with them. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but, for me, I don’t feel chemistry or “sparks” when I look at someone, but as I get to know them and appreciate their similarities and differences from me.

Comment by Katie

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