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Steps to Getting Along
March 11, 2010, 8:29 am
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This morning, at the elementary school where I volunteer, I was in a 4th grader classroom and noticed a chart on the wall that read “Steps to Getting Along.” It was so simple, but plenty of people who are much older don’t play by these rules.

Since we could all use a refresher course, here are the guidelines:

1) Hands are for helping, not hurting.
2) Talk about you feelings; ask for help.
3) Calm down. Count to 10
4) Do something fun.
5) Think of a good way to end the problem.

Do NOT: Call name. Blame others. Hit. Make excuses. Threaten. Boss around.

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?
Stuart McDonald


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sounds good to me. somewhere along the way we forget how to act civilized.

Comment by Honeysmoke

Thanks for the reminder 🙂

Comment by Muziq6

Love it. It seems so simple as I sit here by myself at a study desk in the library. I need to write these down and carry a copy.

Comment by Nelson McDonald

Such a simple list, but if we all followed those rules life would be so much more enjoyable.

Comment by Funkidivagirl

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