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Conversation With a Buster (On My Sister’s Behalf)
January 30, 2010, 11:51 pm
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I love my sister. I do. Tonight she texts me to tell me that a guy was hitting on her at work. He asked for her number, and she gave him mine, telling him it was hers. He said he’s text her (really me, but he didn’t know) later. The following is our exchange. (I spent so much time laughing at this, I can’t even tell you! It’s absolutely hilarious and completely atrocious that men think this is acceptable! Enjoy!

(I’ve tried to censor out some of his inappropriate language, but you can still tell what he said.)


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Oh my Jesus…that is hilarious! I WAS NOT expecting him to get that bold with you. I love you for this!! [among other things] geez…how ignorant can someone get? I haven’t stopped for over an hour.

Comment by Sorahya

Aww… Thanks sis! You know I love you to because umm… I don’t do this for everyone. But believe that it made my night!!

Comment by CreativeStu

Welcome to our world Stu….I have had similar convos with j/a like that dude! U gave him more time than I ever would have, but its nice to see a guy step into our shoes for once! I truly wish more did! Thanks for a good read and making me smile!

Comment by Nilizor

Reading his repsonses hurt my eyes, there is no way I would’ve continued texting him that long because he just didn’t get it. Imagine doing that face to face its exhausting!

Blackberrys rock!! 🙂

Comment by Jai

This can’t be real. So so so sad…

Comment by SHira

You are a good brother to subject yourself to that foolishness, you lasted longer than I would’ve lol. Imagine trying to have that conversation face to face, it’s exhausting!!!

I noticed you have a Blackberry(5.0)sweet!!!!

Comment by Muziq6

I am laughing and laughing hard. It is a shame that we deal with this from boys(not men because real men know better)everyday. 1st they say oh I like you and how you look. Then we say oh no I aint falling for that crap and 2nd they insult you cause you don’t want them. But he has been messing with little girls(cause real grown women wouldn’t fall that high school stuff). But he twenty and when he gets more then he can handle he’ll change but until then he’ll be the same. I’m glad you did that for your sister you’re a great brother. Thanks for making my day.

Comment by Just_Me

Insightful and delightful… I just had a simliar incident last night in a telephone conversation. It took me a while but I recognize my worth and it won’t be compromised. Thanking God for the wisdom I’ve gain through the lessons in my life. Stuart thank you for truth and honesty in the many topics you address.

Comment by Kiha

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