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My Job Search — Part 1
December 26, 2009, 5:10 pm
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I don’t have a job. Well that’s not entirely true. I am in school full time & I have a few sites I have a blogging commitment with. But neither of those produce money for me. Not yet anyway.

What I mean is this: I haven’t had a job where I filled out a W-2 since 2004.

I’ve mostly been doing freelance graphic design because, well, I was decent at it. Maybe even good. And it was fairly easy for me. But I always knew that it was just a temporary thing; it wasn’t my passion. It wasn’t my calling. I could do without it.

Now I find myself in a place where I need a job — not because I want one, because, honestly, who does — but because I need money.

However, I refuse to have a boring, mundane, average job that I constantly complain about. Two reasons for this: A) I’m an all-or-nothing type of person. If I love it, it gets done regardless of how hard it seems. If I hate it, you could pay me to do it. B) I’m not the complaining type. So why would I put myself in a situation knowing that it’ll lead to complaining?

Now, I’m not knocking people who do a job that they don’t love (sometimes it’s necessary). I just don’t believe that’s for me. I want a job that I can be excited about. One that I look forward to working at. A job that develops my gifts, talents, and skills, while making me money.

So I find myself in a predicament. I need a job. Yet my school schedule is 18 hours heavy (more than full time) and I don’t want a job just to have a job.

All that to say, I don’t have a clue what I’m going to do. Any ideas and suggestions or connections are more than welcome.

I’ll be sure to keep the updates coming as things progress.


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One of the old classics on the world of finding the right job is the book: “What Color is Your Parachute?” I remember it espousing what to me was a unique idea: work in an area you love. Whatever it is, if you love it, you’ll be better at it.

I was in real estate for over 20 years and worked with the best and on occasion the worst in the business. They say 20% of the people in real estate sales made 80% of the money. Another statistic would probably also show that 20% probably loved what they did, and were therefor much better at it.

Sometimes of course one step leads to another, and the first step we take is merely to position us closer to the light of what we are called and gifted to do. May we all find that place more in 2010 than we have found to date. I once heard someone say – if, at the end of the day we are drained more than we are energized by what we do, we are not working in the area of our talents, but when we are working at that which we love, we finish the day energized and satisfied.

I am reminded of an age old saying – if you are going through hell, keep going. May we all never stop taking steps toward the light of what we were created to do, that which leaves us inspired and energized.

Comment by Nelson McDonald

Hi Stuart,

You and I, and I’m sure millions more, are in the same boat. Commitments like school are taking up most of our time and the thought of a job search drains you mentally before you even begin.

I won’t offer advice on what to do; that’s not my thing. What I will do is describe what I’ve been doing to earn a little money and do what I love. So here goes:

I am a writer. I find great joy in it. With that in mind I began looking for work that involved writing in some form or another. I proofread documents for minority business owners and authors, I assist college students with developing their resumes/interview skills and I do a little copywriter here and there.

In addition to this I frequently check ProBlogger’s Job Board ( There’s paid work-aplenty there. I also got a “job” writing for Most of what I write there is anonymous so I don’t get any credit for it but they pay you per word to do what you already like to do: blog/write.

That’s what I’ve been doing. I haven’t been raking in the dough as they say but it’s enough to keep a few bills paid. If you need help developing your resume (some of the spots on the ProBlogger board require you have one) I’d be more than happy to help you get yours in tip top shape. I wish you well in your search.



Comment by Michael Stagg

I am in the same predicament sort of. I like to refer to it as a period where I am “stuck”. I had a really stable federal job throughout college and was always really ambitious about a long term goal to attend law school and become a child advocate. So when I made an abrupt decision to quit after taking a two year break from school, part of it was in pursuit of my long term goal and the other part was well…I just wasn’t passionate about my current job. Like you…I am definitely all or nothing. Crazy enough…during law school I had all these epiphanies(lol) where I began to realize I am more driven by passion then I think and as much as I needed money I did not want to get stuck in the monotony of a job just simply to make money.
I was previously motivated by money and it caused me to stay in my previous position just for the security.

So now…Ive completed law school only to discover I no longer want to be an…waiting on God to reveal what he has for me and to make sure what I desire for myself is in line with what he desires for me.

Yet, in the mean time I am passively searching for work; hoping that my passions cross paths with a promising job posting.

Comment by Chani

I haven’t had a job in a couple of years either. I, too, am on a job search. I’m not quite as picky as you, though, and I still have been unable to find a job. I don’t need to be passionate about it, since I only need it until I graduate, but I do want to find something to make me enough money to be able to see a movie sometimes, and maybe even move out.

Comment by thestarvingcollegiate

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