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If I Can’t Talk To Twitter, Who Can I Talk To?
October 30, 2009, 3:56 pm
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dreamstime_3516008_boys_telling_secretsIt should come as no surprise to those who know me that I use Twitter and Facebook as my relationship therapist on occasion. I tell them — more-so Twitter than Facebook, because, well, sometimes Facebook gets more in my business than I prefer — about a date I’ve gone on, or am going on, or perhaps about a young lady that I might have just met, or have a particular interest in. They give me advice when I’m confused about an issue and what ramifications a decision might have, as well as the best way to resolve conflict. They’re really great.

Yet I have recently encountered a problem. The problem is this: there has been a transition, in at least a few cases, where the females that I would want to talk about are on Twitter (and follow me) and are perhaps on Facebook as well, thus making it more awkward for me to talk about them like I don’t know that they’ll see everything I right.

This issue has only really become an issue as of late because when I meet people for the first time, I have a tendency to tweet about them — good, bad or other. So, well, what happens if I meet a nice young lady and I want to tweet about her, but I just told her to follow me? I don’t necessarily want her following me and watching me tell all my tweeps what I’m thinking about her (I should, of course, have thought about this before I told her to follow me and I realize this, but it’s too late at this point). I’m sure that my thoughts and feelings will come out eventually, but that’s for me to tell her (and not in an @reply or DM either, I mean in a face-to–face meeting). Especially if I see real relationship potential.

See, I want to talk about people, but I don’t want them to see it. I know it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but that’s me. I don’t want to talk bad about them (most of the time). I just want to be able to talk out my thoughts to see if they seem at all as rational as I think they sound in my mind (something that only happens when you hear the words come out of your mouth). And more often than not, I do that via Twitter.  Now, granted, my tweets are public, so anyone could potentially read them , whether they’re on Twitter or not, but if someone is going to look at my profile without joining, just to see if I’m tweeting about them, we may have bigger issues to deal with. Like the fact that she has stalker potential. Seriously.

There’s a sacred relationship I have with my tweeps when it comes to my ability to be open and vulnerable about my life and what’s really going on in it. They get more of the real deal than most of those that interact with me on a daily basis, thus when those who may interact with me on a daily basis begin following me, they may be in for a surprise. Not necessarily a bad surprise. But maybe not a good one either. I don’t know. Sometimes I’d prefer to keep the flow moving from tweeps to “real life” people and not the other way around. Does that seem crazy? I don’t care if it does… I can be crazy. I’ve accepted that.

What am I left to do? I figure I have a few options. I can pick up the phone and call someone — a revolutionary thought these days, right? I can Skype or IM someone. Or I could physically meet someone and talk to them about it — knowing me it’d be over food.

Ok, perhaps it’s not as bad as I thought. But it’s just not quite the same.

The beauty of Twitter is that it allows me to talk to more than one person simultaneously. In reality it allows me to talk to 1,500 people at the same time. If only they would all respond. Wait. I take that back. As much as I love them all, I don’t know that everyone has intelligent or wise things to say.

I’ve also, as of late, come to the revelation that as God gives me a larger platform, whether it be more followers on Twitter, or a larger audience reading my blogs, there will be certain things that I can’t talk about. This is the first step in coming to grips with what that really means for me. And I’m ok with that. I think.


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Maybe you need more than one twitter account: an advisor level twitter account apart from the general social tritter acct?

Comment by Nelson McDonald

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