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Thoughts on Tonex
September 12, 2009, 8:19 am
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Recently gospel, or secular, or whatever you want to classify him as, artist Tonex gave an interesting interview on “The Lexi Show” about his life and a the controversy surrounding his life and the allegations of homosexuality. I feel like the interview left a lot to be desired, but I’ve included the clips below so you can judge for yourself. It’s about 25 minutes of video, but it’s very intriguing to watch. Take a look.




I wanted to give a couple of observances. Keep in mind that these are just my opinions and not at all meant to judge him as a man. My observances are made in order to be able to learn something from his experiences.

First, and this isn’t directly related to Tonex, but why must Christian’s production and spirit of excellence be so lacking sometimes? I just annoys me when the quality of the product we produce to represent the creator of all is something that is laughable if it were to come from a mainstream media source. But for Christians it’s acceptable? Absolutely ridiculous.

There was one point in the interview when Tonex was asked if he struggled with homosexuality, to which he replied, “Not struggled. It wasn’t a struggle.” To which I wanted to ask, “Well, what was it?” but no, the host avoids that all together. She just moves on. Really? Lexi needs to learn to ask the hard questions and stop skirting around the real issues at hand. Ask the man if he is in an actively gay relationship. Ask him if he sees homosexuality as a sin. Ask him about the fruit in his life. Ask him what he would say to those who say he shouldn’t pastor. Ask him where he finds biblical justification for his actions. There were more than a few times that I wanted to see a follow up question  to something he said, but to no avail.

It may seem like I’m quick to jump on Lexi for her interview skills, but the reality is, she mirrors our perspectives and responses as a church. We need to stop being scared to bluntly, openly and honestly address the situation, especially when sin is involved. We have to stop dancing around sin because sin isn’t dancing around us; it’s confronting us squarely in the fact every day of our lives! If we play around with sin, sin will play around with us.

TonexThere were several statements made throughout the interview that lead me to believe that Tonex doesn’t see homosexuality as a sin. Why do I say that? Because he doesn’t see his issues with homosexuality as a struggle. When you don’t see your sin as a struggle, that’s a clear indication you don’t view it as sin. I can’t struggle with something good. I only struggle against that which is bad. You don’t hear people say, “I’m struggling to do the wrong thing.” That makes no sense.

I have a problem with his thinking that homosexuality isn’t a sin. I’m not even going to quote scriptures right now; let’s us look at the act of gay male sex from a strictly physical perspective. Why are you entering an orifice that was only designed for things to exit? Male and female sex organs were designed to go together; you can tell that by looking at their design. If homosexuality was acceptable, why would good have created Eve? Did he just want some diversity around? God wanted the people he created to procreate and that’s something you can’t do with 2 men or 2 women.

He mentions that God hasn’t given him deliverance from his “situation” and has seemingly resorted to the “this must be God’s will” mentality. But it is never God’s will that we stay entangled in and at the mercy of any sin. God will only give us deliverance when we truly want it. Hear me: you also have to do your part in your deliverance. If I’m addicted to crack and I’m asking God to deliver me from it, yet every day I’m going to the same crack house, is that not counter productive? God’s power can only do what we allow it to.

He also talks about marriage and covenant relationships and fornication in a way that make me question where he got his information or understand from. This is another area where the interviewer, Lexi, could have taken the issue to the next level and asked better follow up questions, but missed the mark. Again, he seems to be making more justification for himself in order to live how he wants to live. Lord knows he’s not the first to do this. If we were honest, we probably do it more often than we even realize. That topic is enough by itself for another post.

At the end of the day, there’s a lot about the interview, and the way he’s chosen to live his life, I don’t agree  with. I don’t think he should be pastoring while he’s engaging in homosexual relationships or activities because that’s something that could cause a lot of people to trip or stumble — especially when there’s no desire on his part to repent or change his ways. Really though, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks. While the issue(s) are between him and God, because of the platform that he’s been given, whether it’s by choice or not, he also has some level of personal responsibility to make sure he’s living a life that others can model their lives after. Not that he, or anyone has to be perfect, but when your life impacts thousands, maybe even millions or other people, you can’t just live any kind of way. That’s just part of the responsibility that comes with the platform. We have to understand that.

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Disagree? Speak your mind…


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I agree, agree, agree

Comment by Celita (@11locs)

Your twitter bio says you are “enlightened.” False advertising.

Comment by Brenda Walker

You make excellent points…I hadn’t considered the fact that Lexi could’ve asked more probing questions. Additionally, I have been a Tonex supporter for years, specifically because I appreciate he and others like Kirk Franklin who raise the bar of excellence in gospel music. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m very disappointed that Tonex appears to have given up and accepted his attraction for men as OK simply because God hasn’t taken the desires from him. It always reminds me of Paul and the “thorn in the flesh.” Although, we don’t know what it was that plagued Paul, we do know that he asked God to take it away and God replied “My grace is sufficient.” Thus, Paul learned to boast in his weakness and lean completely on the strength of God. I’m praying that Holy Spirit grabs Tonex’s heart and builds his faith to the point where he repents and begins to believe again in the power of God to deliver and/or His grace to sustain.

Comment by Sanga

Good analysis Stuart. There were multiple failures on Lexi’s part to conduct something meaningful, but that’s her MO. She is very shallow.

Ive given my thoughts about Tonex’s warped ideology on my blog so I wont get detailed. But youre right.

Its maddening to see this pansy=wansy two step we are doing with sin while it destroys like a raging fire.

Comment by gcmwatch

Stu –

You make a real important point at the beginning of this article when you state Lexi “mirrors our perspectives and responses as a church” I don’t think she should have responded with launching a barrage of questions meant to condemn or judge, but she seemed afraid to address the topic. She, like most Christian folks, was not comfortable to ‘get in the dirt’ with him about those touchy issues.

Tonex was vague in his responses to a degree but he was very bold in my opinion and really looked to be daring or challenging her to ‘get in the dirt’ with him. He KNEW she was scared. She fumbled over every word and question and he made a game over forcing her to say stuff that she was not comfortable with (and probably should be more comfortable addressing.)

I agree with you Stu. The Bible is very clear on its stance on homosexuality. I also think that with his own feelings of ambiguity concerning the topic he should not be in the pulpit.

Tonex is also correct on how the church in general approaches homosexuality. From the pulpit ministers spew venom on this topic… the congregation cheers and then at the end of the venom the minister states that he loves the homosexual but hates the sin. Yet takes no consideration of the people in the audience struggling with the issue. They find no compassion to help within the church.

I think Tonex is a perfect example of a person struggling with homosexuality, I listened to all his justifications, reasons and the doctrine that he settled on to make it right in his mind and I’ve heard it all before in my years of experience in college ministry.

I found the interview interesting. I said that Christians are not comfortable to get ‘in the dirt’ with people struggling with these issues and I’m reminded of the situation where the lady caught in adultery was brought to Jesus and thrown in the dirt. Jesus was comfortable to ‘get in the dirt’ with her. He demonstrated that he was not afraid to be seen with her, he was able to let her know that she was going to wrong way, he was able to let everyone else there know that the way they were handling her in fear, judgement and lack of compassion was incorrect, he told her to go and sin no more. That is a proper model on how to deal with those touchy issues.

Tonex is in the wrong for his actions. And I’m not fooled. I think he knows it. But I do have compassion on the fact that he thinks that he is going to experience some external deliverance from an internal issue. There is so much to be said on this whole thing that I may have to write a blog about it.

But if nothing else, it was an interesting interview.

Comment by davidisms

Love your perspective sir. Thanks for the blog… I mean, comment. LOL.

Comment by CreativeStu

Ditto Ditto! I am very disappointed that the window of opportunity to expose fallacy was missed, and the chance to clearly stand for Truth was utterly avoided. Habitual, passively justified sin is never God’s will. I will continue to pray as the Spirit of Confusion is at large.

Comment by Deonna Martin

Good job and I am praying he gets delivered from this while he has a chance!

Comment by Je'Tara

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Hey, wonderful read. I just found your blog and I’m already a fan. =P

Comment by Solar Panel

Preach Min. McDonald, Preach!!!! O.k. you took the words right out of my mouth. When I saw these clips on youtube all I could say was, ‘We make sooo many excuses for what we want to do’ Everything you said was totally on point about the interviewer and the interviewee, what does, ‘same sex covenant’ mean? And what is this, ‘I’m waiting on God to deliver me’? Sounds like someone wants to continue in the state their in so that Grace will much more abound….Wow!!! Thanks Mr. McDonald, I can’t add or take away from your statements in this blog, you were soooo on point!!!

Comment by Crystal L.

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There is soooo much WRONG with this…this..(I struggle (and yes it is a struggle) to call it an interview because Lexi acts as if she has never asked a hard question in her life). Homosexuality is a sin. Period. And I know the Devil MUST be busy because of the masterful way in which Tonex has packaged his DL brand of sexual experience to pull the wool over the eyes of an undiscerning, ‘didn’t Jesus say come as you are’ type Christians. The one thing that Tonex is right about is that the church (even those whom he is still willfully deceiving and misleading)should not turn their back on him. That makes the church look like the bad guy again. And doesn’t everyone just love that?! It’s a double edged sword. One thing is for sure, he needs to find a corner (not a closet) and P.U.SH (Pray until something happens)!

Don’t even get me started on the quality of the video or the lack of follow up questions….

Comment by Jonae Wartel

I am hopeful that through his openess to share he will fins the truth he needs. He is a brother who has been overtaken by a fault; we who are strong should pray for his release from this oppression. Clearly there are questions left to be answered but ultimately he will have to reckon himself with God. This is a perfect situation for the power of God to be revealed.

Comment by William

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