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What’s With All The Broke Christians?
August 11, 2009, 11:10 am
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emptywalletChristians should be the wealthiest individuals on the planet.

If we’re attached to the Author and Creator of all things, why aren’t we receiving incredible business ideas, inventions, and corporations? Why shouldn’t we create companies that can be used to employ more people, create more jobs and meet the tangible needs of those in the communities around us, which in turn can further the Kingdom? Isn’t the most tangible way to impact the immediate community to create our own economic stimulus without relying on the government to furnish the funds?

Give people a job that allows them to tithe. The church receives the tithes they need, and they’re  then able to spend more money doing outreach and evangelism, and in turn, not only does the church grow, providing more money, but more souls are won to the Kingdom. Which in turn produces more tithers, and the cycle continues itself.

Seems easy doesn’t it? IT IS! Yet, as Christians, we have adopted the misguided notion that it’s money that is the root of all evil, instead of realizing that it’s the love of that money that corrupts the hearts of men. We have to learn to control our money and make it work for us instead of working for the money and letting it control us.

Jesus should be our only Lord, but instead, we have fallen into the trap of letting the need to pay our next credit card bill lord over us! We can’t be faithful with tithing 10 percent to God and we wonder why we’re perpetually struggling to make ends meet! Perhaps we should be grateful that He lets us keep 90 instead of asking for more!

Tithing is not a financial issue. Not at all. It’s a trust issue. Tithing says, “God I trust you to do what you said you would do and here’s a token of that faith.” He asks for our money because he knows that is the most valuable thing we could give. He wants to see if our actions back up our speech. If you tell me, “I can’t afford to tithe, I don’t make enough money.” What I hear is, “I don’t trust God to be faithful to His Word and provide what I need out of the 90% of my income that He lets me keep.”

I know many skeptics would say, “But the pulpit is full of crooks! I can’t trust the church with my money when their Pastor is driving a Bentley!”

That is not for you to determine! You are commanded to bring the tithe into the place, the church body, where you worship and call home. If you’re not satisfied with the way the money is being handled, I suggest you keep it moving. What’s more important is that your job is to be faithful to GOD and tithe. Let the church handle it’s business because at the end of the day, the church, and that Pastor will be held responsible, either by the government, but more importantly, by God, as to how they allocated the funds given to them by their members.

So, we don’t like it when our Pastors have nice things and we gawk when they own beautiful cars, luxury homes, and dress with designer labels, but what do you want? Do you want the Pastor to be the poorest person in the church, the lowly, humble servant of the Lord?

Most Pastors I know, have additional sources of income that pay for their houses, cars and suits. They make money from books, tapes, CDs, and additional speaking engagements. Now, there’s obviously a balance needed here, but that doesn’t change the fact that, we, as Christians, can tend to be incredibly double minded when it comes to matters of the pocket.

Especially the pocket that holds the cash.


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Hello I read your article and there is alot of error in it according to scripture our life is the most important thing we can give to God not money don’t get it twisted. We please God by our faith not by tithing God requires our hearts to be right toward HIM see 2 Chronicles 25:2 folks can do what’s right in the sight of God but there heart is not in it…God is looking for the love to be there remember Christ did not die for our money also see 1 Timothy 6:5 and know that gain is not godliness…Holla back

Comment by David Jones

I made the assumption that those who were tithing would have already given their lives to Christ, since tithing is a command normally reserved for believers only. The Bible also says that we know where our heart is by looking at where our treasure (money) is. Show me where you spend your money & I’ll be able to tell you what’s important to you.

Comment by CreativeStu

I believe the real reason Christian’s are broke is because of “trust issues” both ways. We don’t trust God when we do not tithe…and God doesn’t trust us with money because of many issues. Whenever we miss the mark it is sin. Sin causes lack, regardless of the type of sin it is. Money has increase attached to it by it’s very nature. In our hands, it will increase who we really are. I believe God withholds financial blessing because many saints in their current condition, money would only excelerate their demise. But, by the same token money in the hands of His “faithful servants” will mean abundantly above all that that servant can ask or think.

Comment by Debra

Sin causes lack? But we’re all sinners.

Comment by mizChartreuse

Yes, we are all sinners, born in sin and shapen in iniquity! But, after Christ, even though we still miss the mark,God has made provision for it by way of Repentance and Grace which will not make us totally sinless but will surely help us to sin less.

Comment by Debra

Todays christian
is rather a sad one, I say this cause we have the lost gospel book that was for us to never see, founded in the last 20 yrs, that are not inconsisted, and make sense, and tells a story of christ, that makes sense, not like the bible we have today, but here we are today still using the old bible that was all we had, at the time… I find it a sin, for us to not read gods word, even if it claims that he was having a afair with Judas, or that he not only made wine in the lost gospels, but everyone got high… and that it mention nothing about tithing at all in any of the lost gospel… I to am a christian, but I won;t step in another church in my life time as long as the christian church fail to do the right thing. last sunday I scan the channel’s to see what preacher where preaching are teaching and all where staying on the inconsisted bible and known or talking are demanding that there followers should read the lost gospel… why is the answer… is the church afraid to repent for causing the Jews so much hardship and death, or is the tithing, or is it the kissing of Judas and Jesus, and Gods son making wine that everyone got high… because the lost books are more real to me then any part of the bible we love today, and these books are much early text, or codex, these codex are the greatest find of life time, the discovery of these book should have christian like myself fire up… the lost gospels tells a totally different story from the inconsisted bible we have learn to love today… and has Jesus living his life as man, not like the inconsisted bible we have today, where god son is suppose to be man but still doing mircules, healing and so on… I to am ashame to be a christian
Marvin Gaye II
Lima Ohio

Comment by Marvin Gaye II

What? have you read what you wrote. I normally wouldnt comment to such ignorance but I have a little time on my hands. First, anything that was alledgedly lost but found was meant for you to find (or see)and if it was lost for that many year it was supposed to be, for whatever reason, but mainly because it was most likely a lie. dont try to compare (one) lost book to the whole Bible. Understand that lies outweigh in contradiction than truth and if you open your eyes and unplug your ears you really wouldnt have to read between the lines to tell the difference. Please, learn to proof read your work before you go randomly responding to a well put together blog. The story of Christ always makes sense, to true believers. Stop trying to create a sin amongst people, find it in yourself. It seems like your trying to make an excuse not to tithe, not to hear from an appointed annointed of God. Please dont use the statement “the Bible WE love today” if your not a believer in it. Anything that tells a “totally” different story from His great Word was designed to get people like you to stray from the truth…His Love. Stop trying to figure out what your brain doesnt have to capacity to hold (He will give us complete understanding when we get there). People are always trying to take things the highest level. Know that you are on a “need-to-know” basis. What real Chritian you know would call The Great Bible a lie. I am not ashamed to be a Christian. I am ashamed of Christianity being misrepresented.

Comment by Renee

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