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My New Season Prayer
August 3, 2009, 1:06 pm
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116121_3664Lately, it seems like there are so many people around me (including me) who are getting so many things thrown are them. While I tried to write numerous posts today, this was all that would really come out. Here is my prayer for, and with, those who may be going through & fighting the battles of life:

Lord, I admit that I have been trying to help you out. I’ve been trying to fight for you. I have even been fighting with you because I thought the plans I had were better than the plans you had for me. God, I give the battle over completely and fully to you. I relinquish my control and give it to you fully. I will fight the fight that you tell me to regardless of where that takes me! I know that if you can take me into battle, you are surely God enough to bring me out victorious!

Lord, while I know you are fully able to do anything, I’m having a hard time believing that because of what my eyes see right now. I know that what I see in the nature realm is no representation of the truth, but Lord it’s hard to understand that. Increase my faith that I may see the true reality of my circumstances.

Give me the proper perspective to see your adequacy in the midst of my inadequacy. I know, full well, that by myself, I can do nothing. I need you more than I need the next breath to live. Father, if you don’t come through for me, I’m done. I may have been lead astray because I’ve listened to others, I promise to listen only to you and what you say about me. Even when my own thoughts don’t line up with what you’ve said about me, I will continue to trust in you and your unswerving promises. I know that you are the same yesterday, today, and forever. You can do many things, but you cannot disappoint me!

Father, help me not to align with those who may pervert the purposes you have placed inside of me! Give me insight, wisdom and discernment when it comes to strategically partnering with others who say they have my best interest at heart. You alone know the hearts of men and that they are deceitfully wicked. Give me guidance and wisdom that I wouldn’t throw your plans off course.

You are my source. You alone are my provision. My income is not predicated by the economy, a 401(k) or my employer. It is you, Heavenly Father that signs the bottom of my check! I will not look anywhere but to your all powerful hand to supply my every need. While you may not give me what I want or feel is due, you will give me everything I need.

Give me the grace to grasp the fact that where I am now is not the end. I know you have decreed and declared greater things for me and I will receive those things in due time. Until I see those things, God, I thank you for this battle. I thank you because I see that this battle is not mine, but yours. Jesus, I will praise you in advance because I know that you hold me in the palm of your hand and your plans are for me to prosper, and not to be harmed. Your plans give me a hope and a future. And while I may have an empty pantry or bank account, I refuse to praise you like it’s empty. I will instead praise you like it’s full, and overflowing!

I will not let my situations predicate what kind of praise I give you! Absolutely not! If you never do another thing for me, the fact that you sent your son to die for my sins so we could spend eternity together is far more than enough! Yet, I’m still overwhelmed that you’d choose to give me more and more each day. By merely waking me up this morning, I see that you love and care for me! Thank you Lord Jesus! While I may not be completely satisfied with every area of my life, the fact that I am alive is enough to give you praise for!

Father, help me to not care about those around me when it comes time to praise you. I need not be concerned with them for they have no clue what you have done for me! Help me to focus on you and you alone when I come into your Presence. Let me put all distractions behind me and set my mind and heart on giving you every bit of praise and adoration that you are worthy of.

{Author’s Note: As I was writing this post, this one song was playing and stuck with me in such an incredible way. Listen and just praise God like you’ve already received whatever you need!}


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I was almost moved to tears. You were able to sum up to the EXACT words and emotions everything that I could not find the words to pray for. This is why you are in my (cyber) life!!! God bless you for this! Gosh!

Comment by lilisheree

One more thing, I absolutely love how REAL you are with God in this prayer. That is rare but transparency, to me, is a form of love for your followers/ readers because you are not afraid to expose your faults, doubts, worries and fears for another to relate with and not feel ashamed. Beautious!

Comment by lilisheree

Thank you! I think, if I’m not honest with God, I can’t be honest with anyone else. He sees and knows it all anyway, but it’s different (and very freeing) to confess it out of your own mouth. I’m glad you were able to take something from this!

Comment by CreativeStu

I think you did an excellent job at saying what you felt.You are so honest with your feelings and thats something we all need to be with GOD! Good JOB!

Comment by Je'Tara

thank you so much for sharing this. God bless you brother!

Comment by Bee

Thank you! This was right on time for me and it was unbelievable to read your words and relate so closely to them! You are an amazing writer and you are truely a vessel used by God. Continue to let God’s word flow from your heart, spirit, and soul onto our computer screens!

Comment by Brittany

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