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Don’t Be Like Me: Part 2 of 3: My Flaws
July 10, 2009, 8:30 am
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I'm broken... yesI know I said my apologies yesterday, but here’s one more: I should have been honest with you from the jump. I know girls like to talk. Especially about guys. I have no problem with you telling others about me and what I’ve done. I can’t take it back and I wholly accept responsibility for my actions. When the inevitable comes and you bring me up, just make sure you mention a few of my lesser traits. A few reasons why you shouldn’t have gotten involved with me in the first place:

I’m a flirt. I like getting attention from girls. It makes me feel good. I also have a lot of female friends who I absolutely love! Don’t worry about them. If something was going to jump off, it would have.

I’m a physical person. I like cuddling. I like kissing. And I can do those things and not be 100% sure where I want to go with the relationship. Yes, I do use that to my advantage, because I can be selfish & I enjoy it.

I have no problem separating my actions from my feelings. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism because I’ve been hurt in the past. But because I don’t want to get hurt again, I’ve grown somewhat callous and built walls so it’s harder to get to me. To the real, deep me. Or maybe it’s because I’m scared to commit to the wrong thing so I don’t give anything a chance. I don’t know. However, that makes it harder for those who really care about me to do so. Funny how the same thing I think protects me can really hurt others.

I’m one of those “always right” people. Quite honestly, I act that way because, I normally am right. I can be very hard-headed when it comes to defending my point of view while having arguments. Yes, I am a pain in the butt. You can tell me that as many times as you’d like, but it won’t change a thing.

I have a bizarre sense of humor and can be incredibly sarcastic. I will pick on you. I will crack jokes at your expense. Sometimes, I’m like a kid in Kindergarten when it come to flirting. I’ll be “mean” to you because I like you. I know it’s weird, but you can either get your panties in a wad or enjoy it and fire back with some wise cracks of your own. I prefer the latter.

I can be hyper critical. I may not say what I’m thinking about you directly to you, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t think it. I will say things to you if they’re not about you. I’m the same way with myself. It’s not personal.

I will blog, tweet and update my Facebook status with crazy, silly, stupid and/or annoying things you do. I share my life, at least parts and pieces, with the world at large because I want others to learn from my mistakes, enjoy my successes and hopefully laugh along the way. This isn’t about you personally… I do it to everyone. You’re encompassed in “everyone.” Here’s a secret: Very few people, IF ANY, will know I’m talking about you unless you tell on yourself.

Now, had I been honest with you about these flaws of mine, you wouldn’t have gotten as emotionally attached as you did, would you? I didn’t think so. Please feel free to let me know if I missed anything. 😉

Oh, and if you’re reading this and you think you might maybe, possibly have some kind of interest in me, I’m flattered, but take note… This is the worst of me. Consider carefully.


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Stuart – you sound like the guys I date! LOL! I wish they were as honest with themselves as you are! Sigh……

Comment by joysrantlist

Ooh, that number three one should be shouted from the rooftops. That’s insight into the male psyche that answers a WHOLE LOTTA questions. There have been many a girls’ night convo that could’ve been much shorter had we been aware of that one. *sigh*

Comment by Angela

My SO sounds exactly like you (what you just detailed)…and your ability to explain the WHY a bit more than he just made a lightbulb switch on and a resulting, “A-ha,” was exclaimed from my mouth. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Comment by Libra

I’m glad I could assist with you’re “a-ha moment.”

Comment by CreativeStu

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