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Should the Church be Angry?
May 29, 2009, 10:37 am
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In my daily Twittering I ran across an article entitle “The Church Needs to Get Angry” on a blog I love called “Church Marketing Sucks” The article talks about a post from Eugene Cho and his thoughts on sex and human trafficking where he wonders if Christians aren’t angry enough about the social injustice that goes on around us.

The article then poses this question: Do churches need to have more righteous anger over social justice issues? And here’s the uncomfortable question: What kind of marketing message does that send?

Here is my answer:

The church is absolutely too complacent and entirely too accepting of the social injustices of today. Too long have we just stood by idly and watched while these tragedies happen right under our noses and on our doorsteps.

Why are our cities and communities not being transformed like they should be? Because we’re too busy pussyfooting around trying to make sure everyone feels good. The Kingdom is NOT a social club and people will go to Hell. The church is supposed to speak the Truth and let you decide what to do with it, not to bend it to every whim and desire!

If God had a righteous anger, aren’t we supposed to be like Him? The church is like the new kid on the playground, too afraid of what others will think to do anything bold! We need to WAKE UP, stop standing around waiting for other people to do what God has called US to do. Stop being some PUNKS and stand UP for what angers God!

The message that sends is that we care about the same people and things God cares about. If we get involved it says that not only do we watch out for our own, but more-so, we take the position that Christ took when we defend those who can’t defend themselves.

Stand UP Church! And BE the church!


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You are right and the difference (sadly) between the church and other organizations who get things done, is that the church doesn’t take action, they are disjointed and don’t stand together on issues such as this. Praying doesn’t do it either. We are God’s hands, voice and feet on this planet and if we don’t take action, then we have no defense for these tragedies. Human life has value and may those with a conscience come together and deveop a strategic plan to make real changes!

Comment by nelson

Love your write up. You have some very strong provocations in your writing and something that perhaps that needs to be explored fully. I think at this point in time the Christian Church has been inundated with social problems pouring out from every corner just like a plumber trying to fix leaking pipes. Secondly, God’s Words va the Holy Bible is something of high value to those that earnestly believe in His Divine Power & those that are seeking to find him. The business aspect of marketing ‘The Word’ is something that is done on a different level notnecessarily using the business model.

However, you make some interesting & challenging points and that I think can be done through Youth & Young adult program as they will be open to new ways of reaching out to convey the greatness that comes with knowing the Lord.

Well thats my take on this. My apologies for this ever so late comment as I have just got around to responding.

Take care & God Bless.

Comment by Elisapeci

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