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The Wrong Open Door
May 22, 2009, 12:22 pm
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Sometimes the open doors that look the best are the worst to walk through. They’ll take you the furthest off track.

I’ll never forget when I had a great door opened for me; a job opportunity that made sense for a lot of reasons: Salary, health benefits, great work environment, awesome coworkers I already had a relationship with… I could go on.

But it wasn’t for me… On paper, it made more sense than I wanted it to. The good thing was, I didn’t matter what I wanted. What mattered was the plan God had for my life!

Was it hard to say, “no”? Yes, and no. In my MIND, I wanted all the things that came with the job. That was hard to turn down because it made no apparent sense. In my SPIRIT, I knew that wasn’t where God wanted me to be.

I KNEW that I KNEW that I KNEW that God called me to do something else; the plan he had for my life. I also knew following the path of that job opportunity would ultimately take me further away from His purpose for me.

When I got off the phone, after turning down that job, I had SUCH peace. I was actually laughing so hard because I knew what I had just done made NO sense… but I also knew it was EXACTLY what God wanted me to do. There was SUCH joy in knowing that I had obeyed God in spite of how little it made sense.

As I look back on that choice, I have ZERO regrets and can’t imagine where I’d be if I had walked down that road. I may actually not be too far off where I am NOW, but it’s in the long run where I’d be somewhere completely different.

Everyone (who didn’t know my calling) thought I was off my rocker for not taking the opportunity. They THOUGHT I made a horrible decision. But that was their problem…
When opportunities come your way and doors open, you can’t think! You have to listen (to God) and obey. Period. Don’t try to use reason or logic; sometimes they don’t work. Don’t rely solely on other’s opinions; they don’t always have your best interests (and/or God’s plan for you) in mind. Listen and obey.


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Wow, that is AWESOME…and I’m happy for you, because I’ve had that same before as well. God is not about common sense, He’s about God-Sense! Congrats :o)

Comment by Gloria

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