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The Christian Bookstore
May 14, 2009, 2:54 pm
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So I went to a Christian bookstore (which shall remain nameless) today. It was the first time in, probably at least 6 months. With getting my via iTunes and books, well I don’t read as many books as I should, but I’ll buy them cheaper on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble or Borders, I have no need really. It was an interesting experience for a few reasons:

There was a very white feel. What I mean is the music, the books, the marketing, all lacked the diversity that makes the Kingdom great.  It felt safe. It was seemingly all very politically correct and no one would dare say something that would challenge someone else.

There was a feeling of status quo.

I took for granted that everyone in there was saved and going to Heaven. The reality of their eternal destination could have been very different. They could have come in looking for someone to show them love and care about them because they felt they had nowhere else to turn. They didn’t want to go to church and where else could you find Christians. Did they get that love? That caring attitude? Or did they walk in and out without so much as an acknowledgment that they were there?

The same is true for our churches. Let’s not assume everyone coming is saved (God forbid!) But instead treat everyone with the Love of Christ as if their salvation depends on it!

There was a lot of stuff concerning helping ourselves. Get your life right, get your money right, grow yourself deeper, etc. Where are the books and CDs that say, “the world around you is GOING TO HELL… What are you going to do about it?”


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