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If I May…
May 13, 2009, 5:19 am
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I wrote this letter to a Facebook friend of mine a few weeks ago and felt compelled to share it with you this morning.

You can wonder all you want. But the fact is, the past is the past. There’s nothing you can do to change it. What’s done is done, and as hard as that is to come to grip with sometimes, you’ll be much better off when you do. Learn from your mistakes, and keep it moving.

If you try to drive a car always looking in the rear view mirror your destined to have an accident. You have to look ahead, occasionally glancing behind just to check that the things that were back there still are. But focusing on the past is NEVER a good thing.

Don’t take tomorrow for granted. The fact that God wakes us up each and every morning is an incredible example of not only His love and mercy, but the fact that He cares about us! Live for today and make no apologies for that.

Live for an audience of one. That’s such a cliche, but here’s what it really means: If you and Him are in right-standing, you’re straight. People will always criticize and critic everything you do; all that means is you’re doing something right. If there’s no friction, there’s no growth, and if there’s no growth, something’s not right.

Regardless of how bad things get, you have to know that God IS ALWAYS in control AND on the throne. He knew what was and is going to happen to us way before we ever do. He’s not surprised by our reaction. Our issues NEVER negate His sovereignty.

The enemy would never try to take you out if you weren’t a threat. Period.


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