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My Prayer Today
May 2, 2009, 6:45 am
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God help me to understand that I can neither control people’s motives or understand why they do the things they do. Help me to relinquish the control I think I have over the circumstances in my life. I understand and acknowledge that you alone are sovereign and in control.

I know that despite my feelings, others foolishness does not effect whether or not Your destiny for my life will be accomplished. Your calling on my life is irrevokable and will be fulfilled in spite of what I feel currently. The best is yet to come and the latter will be greater than the former.

I will no longer gloss over the warning signs I see along the road side of my journey. I will ask for your wisdom, guidance and discernment in every area of my life because you not only know me better than anyone else, but Lord, you know my end and where the road leads.

Prepare my mind for the betrayal and abandonment I will go through at the hands of others. You know that pain in a deeper way than I could ever hope to. Thank you that despite who may leave me, you will always be with me and you are all I will ever need.

I know that you, and you alone, have ordered my steps Lord. Help me to not be anxious, but to walk in the paths that You have set before me regardless of how I think it looks. Regardless of which way I think I should go, if you say move, let me be obedient and move when and where you say move.

Let me not hesitate and second guess whether or not you have my best interests at heart. You hold my life and the world in the palm of your hand.

Jesus, thank you for your unending and perfect love towards me. Thank you that you allow me to be me and make mistakes, yet continue to love me as intensely and passionately as the day before. I know I may not be where I should be, I thank you I’m not where I was before. I thank you for what you’ve already done, are currently doing, and the things you’re bringing me into.

You are holy, perfect, loving, faithful and more awesome than I can wrap my mind around. Thank you for who you are and for sending your son, Jesus, as a perfect sacrifice for me while I was still a sinner, perhaps not even thinking about you. Your love goes beyond all knowledge and for that I will be eternally grateful. Because you gave your life for me, I will offer my life and dedicate it to your service. Have your way in my heart and life.


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