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Thank God for Closed Doors!
April 23, 2009, 10:07 am
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Normally I wouldn’t post message notes from a Wednesday night service, but Paul Sheppard was SO ON TIME last night that I had to share these with you.

You can find more information about Pastor Paul’s radio show here and more about his church here


Thank God for Closed Doors
Dr. Paul Sheppard (Abundant Life Christian Fellowship)
April 22 2009 7:30pm

(Before the message starts, I already like this guy because he’s got his message notes on his MacBook!)

Y’all are gonna be together in heaven anyway, you might as well get used to it now. (Talking about having a Multicultural Church)

Ruth 4:1-6

You have to learn to trust and thank God when doors close.

We know that God will open doors that no man can shut, but sometimes God will close doors that no man can open.

1 Peter 2 –> We are a chosen generation… a peculiar people. Not weird – that’s on them, not God. We’re unique, we’re not like everyone else. We walk by faith and not by sight. And that makes you different than everyone else who doesn’t

Philippians 1:6 –> He saved you when you couldn’t save yourself. He doesn’t tell us what the journey holds, that’s why we need faith.

Ephesians 2:10

Romans 8:28 –> things don’t work together for EVERYONE, only for those that are called according to His purpose.

We’re the name-it-claim-it generation and we walk around with a faith credit card, saying, “I’ll take this, I’ll take that” because we’ve been taught by candy store preachers that said we could have whatever we want.

You can only claim what He ordained.

When you have trouble, DON’T MOVE, seek God.

Sometimes God makes a Kingdom connection that seemingly makes no sense but God is all in it. It’s not about personalities, it’s about your purposes and God knows what He wants you to do. This was the relationship that Ruth and Naomi had.

Learn to trust and believe God when you hear the word, “NO” Learn to trust Him when everything says you shouldn’t! TRUST HIM NO MATTER WHAT YOU FEEL!

Why should I trust God?

1. Your Destiny can’t be ruined by the decisions of OTHERS.

God isn’t dong what he’s doing in your life dependent upon the cooperation of a few key people!

We serve the sovereign God of the universe! He ain’t worried about these raggedy people in you life who don’t know if they’re coming or going!

Look at Joseph –> All signs pointed to the fact that his dreams would never come true because he was sold into slavery, BUT GOD used his brothers to pay his way to Egypt!

Sometimes the people who are the most frustrating in your life are actually working FOR you. If they knew they were working in your favor, they’d stop messin’ with you!

Some of you wouldn’t have a prayer life were it not for your enemies.

2. God often SUBTRACTS before He ADDS

Look at Gideon –> He recruited 32,000 for his army and then God said, “Send them home”. Out of the 32,000, 22,000 left at first. Then God give him another test and takes his numbers down to only 300! BUT GOD took those 300 people and confused the enemy so bad and put such fear in their hearts that they were talking about Gideon.

Don’t try to put your finite brain around God.

You have to learn to thank God when people leave you.

When folk wanna leave you LET THEM GO! When you want to go, it’s not God’s will in my life to convince you to stay!

If you are not connected to the vision of the church… good bye!

If your heart’s not here, your body shouldn’t be either.

A lot of times when you see people try to pull things in the church, it’s because they get away with it at home.

3. The wrong doors MUST close so the RIGHT doors can open

The only reason you’re saved tonight, is because the first guy said “no”. If the kinsman redeemer said, “yes” Boaz and Ruth would never had Obed and Obed had Jesse, Jesse had David and Jesus was a descendent of David.


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