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Is Nothing Sacred?
April 22, 2009, 4:36 am
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Someone asked me a while back, in reference to a blog I had posted, “Is there nothing sacred to you?”

Yes and no.

The question assumes that there’s a division between what is secular and was is sacred in my world. In other words, there are certain things that are ‘off limits’ and those that everyone can discuss. And honestly, for me, there’s not. If you follow me on Twitter or you’re my Facebook friend, I talk about any and everything. I’ll post a scripture or some sermon notes and then maybe some Musiq lyrics or tell you what I’m eating for lunch. It’s all a part of my life.

I think it’s very dangerous to compartmentalize our lives into “You can know about this but not about this” areas. Because if we do it with people, why wouldn’t we do it with God. And He doesn’t want just a part or portion of us, He wants every minute we’re awake to be spent glorifying Him. But how can I do that if I’ve relegated Him to this area over here? What happens when I go and do something in the area where “people can’t know about this because of what they’ll say”?

Having said that, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t stand people that are always happy and cheery on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a real person, I want to know that you’re struggling or having a bad day. I want to know that you have feelings and get angry sometimes. I want to know that my life isn’t the only one that gets jacked up my life’s circumstances sometimes. Especially if you’re a Christian, we should let people see us go through things so that they can see a few things:

  • They need to see that God is working all things for our good because He is indeed good and God and He loves and cares about His children.
  • They need to see that you have your hope in something bigger than your circumstances and immediate situations.
  • They need to see that life isn’t about what’s going on right now, but it’s about what God is preparing us for.
  • They need to see that life isn’t about US. It’s not about ME. It’s about God and the fact that He alone is sovereign.

Your issues and problems really, honestly, aren’t about you. They so that someone else can watch you walk through them to see that it IS possible. They’re so others can learn from your mistakes (but how can they learn if you never share?) and rejoice with you in your triumphs and successes.

That’s the ‘No’ portion of my answer. So where’s the ‘Yes’? The ‘yes’ is found in the fact that I do have a personal life where I will not give you every single detail because there may be others involved who don’t want their details in the open. Some things are not important for you to know, but others I think you might be able to learn from, so I’ll freely share.

Any questions?


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Good blog… but I think it’s dangerous to make compartmentalizing that black and white. While at the end of the day our lives should be subject to search by people who should see God all up and through it, I think it’s natural that everyone not know the same things about me, as long as everyone sees the same person. I don’t have the same level of intimacy with every single person that walks through these revolving doors called life. As such every person I meet doesn’t get the same piece. I don’t have anything to hide, but as an individual, living my own life, I don’t feel like I owe it to the world to share all that I am with every person I encounter…

Comment by nenasymone

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