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Could Sex Be an Act of Worship?
April 14, 2009, 9:22 pm
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The other day I posted a Facebook status wondering what people would think about a married Christian couple having a stripper pole in their bedroom. I knew instantly, when the thought popped into my head a few weeks ago, that this was going to push some buttons and get people talking. And that’s exactly what I wanted and that’s exactly what happened! People were weighing in from all sides, some being REAL real, and some being very politically correct and super spiritual and they’re all great. I LOVED it! But I didn’t want to stop the conversation there…

I was thinking as I was driving home. God created man and wife to be together. He also created sex and being a creator I have to believe, if we’re made in his imagine, He wants us to be creative in every area of life.

It also occurred to be that anything you do for His glory is worship. Seeing as how He created marriage and sex, I thought, “Having sex with your spouse could be worship to God.” Ever thought about it like that?

We always talk about being creative in worship and singing a “new song” to the Lord, but did you ever thing that being creative in worship could translate into the bedroom activities of a Christian married couple? Could trying new things and being ‘kinky’ really be God honoring or have I offended every religious and spiritual bone in your body with this ‘blasphemy’??

What do you think? Is there a line to be drawn as to what’s appropriate and inappropriate in the bedroom for married couples? How do you draw that line if it exists? Why are Christians so afraid to talk about sex?


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