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FULL Destiny Easter 09 Recap
April 13, 2009, 7:43 am
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I wanted to just give you a few (ok, maybe as many as I can think of) highlights from Easter in a little more depth than my initial recap.

First of all, the thought of doing 5 services was initially overwhelming. 4 is a lot, but 5 in one day? Really? (Around 11am, I concluded we could have packed out SIX if needed!)

When I arrived at 5am, the off-site parking was packed with Mag Team cars… Easily 75 cars! I was amazed at the dedication of our team and church by that alone! As I walked into the building, I saw the entire praise and production team in the Worship Center setting the tone for the day through prayer… Loved it!

So we got the teams ready and geared up to go for 6am service. I, honestly, was surprised that we packed the Worship Center and had 21 in the Chapel! At 6am! Are you kidding me? Someone remarked that the greeters had so much energy and enthusiasm that “they must give y’all coffee!” I had to laugh at that (especially since I got a 5 Hour Energy in my bag just in case – which I didn’t just BTW)

I’ll preface my description of service by saying I had NO CLUE what we were doing during service until it happened… I saw a tech sheet briefly about 5:30, but that was it.


Service started off totally dark with the exception of some blue lights and the band jamming while the Destiny “Mass Choir” took the stage with close to 50 people! We have NEVER had that many folk singing on that stage before! It seemed like 100 (to quote Jeanine). They tore it up first with Alive and some great hip-hop dancers. The energy was phenomenal and at 6am I truly give them props! They were just as crunk at 2pm! Amazing!

Next the “DMC” sang “Great Praise” and we had our ‘traditional’ liturgical dancers for Easter… of course they did great (would I tell you if they messed up? Maybe… but I wouldn’t know if they did in the first place! ;-))

When Dawn sang “Lamb of God” as we showed a video remix of the crucifixion scene from “The Passion” I knew at that instant that people were gonna get saved that day… no question about it. I think quite a few people got teary eyed… and rightfully SO! It was incredibly moving.

Everything went black and then the stone was rolled away and I got chills for real! The way those subs hit was incredible and to see the cloth shrinking back only to see the resurrected Christ was incredible! When the lights came up as Jesus walked out of frame and Elder Stevens starting singing “Mighty to Save” a cappella I tried my best just to take it all in. Austin Renfroe came in of the acoustic and did his thing! That song was in my head ALL of yesterday!

No announcements… Made service seem much faster!

When Chuckie stepped up to do the new Israel song “Just Wanna Say” I knew it was going to be a treat! I first heard this song when I got the CD the Tuesday it came out and I couldn’t wait to do it @ Destiny… Great time to break it out and I loved that we mixed it with an Easter classic from 2 years ago, Myron Butler’s “Set Me Free”

I honestly can’t remember much about Pastor’s message other than that he talked about Tiger Woods, changing things, and gave a ‘remixed’ story of the prodigal son that lead into altar call. I don’t know how many people got saved yesterday (I will find out though) but when I tell you, in the 12, it seemed like 40% of the Worship Center was up there! I’d say close to 80 people got saved the entire day… but that’s a guess… I really don’t know. I was so shocked but grateful to God that He was able to use us and our ‘foolishness’ to bring people into Eternal Life with Him. That never gets old! Ever! If it does, you don’t truly understand how valuable that gift is! (sorry… soapbox moment)

I’m sure other people noticed, but I LOVED that the band played “Running Back to You” during the Altar Call! That’s such a great (maybe my favorite) salvation song!


For the 8am both the Chapel and the Worship Center were maxed out and I knew if this was the case at 8am, the 10 and 12 were gonna be beyond crazy… and WERE THEY! Over 225 additional people in the lounges and hallways! Wherever people could sit, they were! Thank GOD the fire marshall didn’t show 😉

The timing and everything was SO on point yesterday that I KNOW God was all over it! Everyone exited quickly and didn’t really act too crazy to the ushers or greeters. The ushers and greeters (and traffic too) all held it down in a BIG WAY!

Why was it that, the first year we’re not at Mable House, outside, it’s the year that it would have been PERFECT for it! Last 2 years were COLD and the year before that, HOT was NOT the word… SCORCHING maybe…

We did a canned food drive and I heard Elder J say we had so much food he wasn’t sure we were gonna use it all… I think he underestimates what FREE FOOD does to people… LOL!

It was great to see all the men serving with the traffic team and collecting food! Now if we can just get them to do it on the regular without Pastor having to call them out and count them off! (Slight cynical moment ok?)

Having nearly 4000 people on campus made me wonder: Why can’t we get our act together and tithe so we can build out a 2500 or 3000 seat Worship Center and increase our capacity to reach the community… CLEARLY there is a need for it! Do you not want your neighbors saved and active at Destiny?(sorry… soapbox moment again… but REALLY people! REALLY!)

Ok, I’m done! What were YOUR highlights?


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