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Mind Flush – EASTER Sunday April 12!
April 12, 2009, 7:05 pm
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  • OH MY GOD! Normally I’d say OMG, but MY GOD showed up today in such a powerful way!
  • Despite waking up at 3:15am and being on my feet until about 4pm, I really wasn’t once tired that whole time which is an incredible testament to God’s power.
  • I can’t even begin to describe service today…
  • We had more people singing at one time that I’ve EVER seen at Destiny. The Destiny “Mass Choir” tore it up and Austin Renfroe’s guest appearance with “Mighty to Save” has been in my head all day!
  • I’m SO GLAD that we did that new Israel song… I knew it was coming and easy was a great time to break it out! And to mix it with “Set Me Free” an Easter classic, was perfect!
  • We had nearly 4,000 people at Destiny today. We have NEVER had that many people on campus before and I KNOW God was there because everything ran so smoothly and on time that it was incredible.
  • EVERYONE that served did an incredible job! I loved seeing everyone coordinated an enthusiastic! We even had one guest remark to the greeters that “They must give y’all coffee” because of our energy at 6am! I’m glad it carried throughout the day!
  • Altar call at the 12pm service looked like nearly half the people got up and came down for either first time salvation or rededications… I was floored!
  • 3 people that I invited via text came to service today… One I knew about and two were a complete surprise! I know that God did what He wanted to do in their lives… They’ll be back. But ESPECIALLY one that I’ve been trying to get there for the nearly 2 plus years that we’ve known each other.
  • There were a couple people I expected to see today but didn’t and I’m a little disappointed about that. More-so for them, that they missed it today. Also because I wanted to see them 😉
  • My dad texted me this morning with “He is risen” and I texted back “He is risen INDEED! ALIVE AND WELL!
  • I’m not thrilled about heading to the gym at 4am tomorrow morning, but today was absolutely worth it! Maybe I’ll use the 5 Hr Energy that I didn’t use today!
  • I’m feeling lightheaded right now… I don’t know if it’s fatigue or hunger or what, but I’ma eat some fruit and take a shower before bed.
  • I’m glad my small group got together for dinner this afternoon. As tired as I was, it was great to spend time with people I love! and the food was incredible! We watched Madagascar 2, but I fell asleep about 30 minutes in… Guess I was tired 😉
  • I’ve gotten a bunch of new followers on Twitter this weekend for no apparent reason… Although some of my stuff on Saturday was interesting and random… LOL!
  • I feel like there’s still so much going on in my head that I just haven’t processed through yet! It almost might be that I’m tired and can’t think all the way straight.
  • I’m going to shower and sleep… I’ll work on getting more writing done tomorrow! Night!

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Great recap, Stu


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