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March 23rd Mind Flush
March 23, 2009, 5:54 am
Filed under: Mind Flush
  • This weekend was ridiculously busy. Both days started before 8am and didn’t stop until about 2am. THEN I was up at 4am this morning.
  • I got hang out with some great people! One friend I hadn’t seen in nearly a year, but seemed like we didn’t miss a beat… You’ve got to love that!
  • Church was incredible and Pastor was so fired up! Notes here!
  • And we did “God is in Control” and that Kirk Franklin medley I love!
  • My boy, Brian, was super crunk yesterday too!
  • Lately I’ve made a bad habit of assuming restaurants are open when I want to eat there… And there’s been 2 times within the past month that they’ve been closed and I’ve been disappointed.
  • I’m glad I sucked it up and went to see Ron G on Sunday night, even though I was stupid tired and should have gone home and slept… I can sleep today! It’s important to me to support people in their passions and dreams
  • I had some great food too… Spent too much money though… eeek!
  • This week will be MUCH MORE low key than last. That’s a very good thing.
  • I can’t believe my half marathon in NEXT weekend! Wow… it really creeped up on me!
  • Then I’m going to DC for a few days to see my dad and get out of Atlanta! I’m excited about that for real!
  • My softball team has GOT to get it together… we were definitely still a little rusty at our game on Friday.
  • The flag football game with my girls on Saturday on the other hand, shows you how important practice is! They KILLED it!
  • Trig is no joke!
  • It’s hard trying to juggle connecting with 3 people at the same time… But we got everyone taken care of, thankfully!
  • It was funny… as of Thursday, I had NOTHING on the calendar besides church tutoring and by Saturday morning, Saturday was fully booked and Sunday soon followed suit.
  • I keep saying I’m going to write more, but somehow I keep forgetting… sigh…
    5 Hour Energy was my best friend this morning!
  • There have been a lot of plane crashes lately… What’s that about?
  • I feel like lately, I’ve been driving rental cars more than mine… This last time WAS my fault… But I learned my lesson. Hopefully it won’t cost me too much… I ain’t got that much!
  • I’m excited about helping a friend of mine get him and his church connected to Facebook, Twitter, and having a great web presence! Technology is such an incredible tool that we can use for the Kingdom!
  • I’m down for now… I’m gonna watch the video of Unleash 09 and take some notes!

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