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If You Can’t Do It… Move
February 16, 2009, 5:36 am
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People have been getting on my nerves a little bit as of late as it relates to their volunteering. I figured it best to just kind of let it all out and rant and rave and such… But before I rant, let me give this disclaimer: This is not directed at one specific person. There are in fact lots of people who came to mind as I wrote this, both good and bad. If you feel ‘offended’ by this, maybe it’s the Lord telling you to step your game up… But that’s just a thought.

You are a volunteer and this is a volunteer position. If you don’t wish to serve, please don’t. As much as I love you and enjoy serving with you, I don’t want to serve with people that do things half heartedly. It’s just simply not worth it. Either do it, or don’t, but don’t just do it for the show of things to make yourself feel better and think that you serving on the weekend will make God overlook all the foolishness you did during the week.

If you can’t show up on time and are continually late, that’s a personal issue that needs to be addressed. But beyond that, it also says a lot about your commitment and dedication, not only to the ministry and the team, but to God. Would you ever show up to your job, already 30 minutes late, and ask your boss for a ‘lunch’ (or maybe more accurately, breakfast) break 30 minutes later? Or better yet, would you just excuse yourself without asking and take one? If you worked for me, that foolishness would get you fired. End of story. I don’t want lazy people working for me or with me.

I don’t want excuses as to why I can’t do this, that and/or the other. If you can’t do something, tell me, “I can’t do that” and I will find someone capable, who can.You are not that special that you can’t be replaced by one of dozens of other people out there. Don’t get me wrong, you have a special and specific purpose planned out for you, but should you choose to procrastinate too much, I wouldn’t assume that God’s gonna keep it there for you. His purposes must be accomplished. Period. I’m sure he’d love to use you, but if you’re not willing and able, I have no doubt he’d find someone else who is.

I’m not your boss. You don’t work for me.  When you are serving in ministry, God is your ‘boss’, not a man. The work that you do and the effort you put forth is a representation of you relationship and passion for him. You would easily go out of your way to do something for someone you loved, or were perhaps interested in right? But if a stranger, or an acquaintance asked for the same thing, you’d hesitate a little, maybe even brush it off right? It’s the same thing with ministry. There is a direct correlation between the heart you use to serve God with and the effort you put forth and your relationship with Him.


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well said Stu and very true. If someone does not have the heart to volunteer then don’t do it. You are doing no one any favors if you don’t give it your all.
Have a fantastic week Stu!

Comment by Tasha

Hey Stuart! Amen to that brother! My big issue is people not being on time. Not because something came up, but just because they chose not to. So what are you doing these days? How’s life been for ya?

Comment by Crystal


Comment by Latasha

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