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Kids… Eeek!
February 8, 2009, 5:07 pm
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This weekend I’ve had a lot of activities where there were kids around. And that’s not really the norm for me. I helped a friend of mine move and she has 2 absolutely beautiful girls and then I headed to a baby shower for one of my boys. Yes, that’s right, I help folks move AND go to baby showers… But I had to stop by Target to get them a gift and found myself overwhelmed and in awe at the baby section. I was amazed that it took ‘all that’ to raise a little person for only 3 years of life. Then, at the baby shower, I was captivated watching all the kids run around and interact with each other. They were just so fascinating to me, watching how they laughed and played, just like regular people… but smaller… and cuter!

My policy with children is normally, if they’re not mine, I’m taking absolutely no responsibility for them. Period. I’ll have kids and they’ll be my responsibility but until then, I’m claiming no one. Now, hear me… I LOVE kids and think that they are incredible, but not having met my children’s mother, I’m totally not ready for any as of yet. Maybe… MAYBE, once I meet her, things will be different. I’ll let you know when it happens.


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so much goes into the making and raising of a baby that its unreal! your heart will soon change though. 🙂

Comment by crystal

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