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Weekend Mind Flush – Jan 12 2009
January 12, 2009, 11:53 am
Filed under: Mind Flush

This was such a crazy weekend. Not really so much because of what happened, but because my body was on some other kind of schedule.

Friday, I spent most of the day at my ‘office’ (Starbucks) and then headed to a GREAT small group meeting. I’m really excited about this new curriculum (probably the first time I’ve been excited about one that we haven’t picked ourselves) and to see what God’s going to do over these next 8 weeks. Pastor’s message on Sunday really confirmed everything we talked about too!

After leaving small group around midnight, I went home and was working on my notes for Church on Purpose. It got to be late, around 3:30 and since I had to be at church at 6am I figured I could just stay up… I was doing good until around 5, when I decided to lay down and ‘rest my eyes’. Woke up feeling like 20 minutes had gone by and in actuality it was 8:45… Oops! Back to sleep until 11:30.

Saturday, once I finally woke up, went to church to run through our One80 announcement for Sunday and to teach my session for Church on Purpose. I had a great time with that! I always love to see all the new folks joining and getting know them. I feel like teaching-wise I was a lot more prepared and comfortable than before, mainly because I had taken time to work on my notes a little more. But the class was awesome!

Afterward of course I had to go sit at Starbucks and write a little bit. Then I just got bored and went home around 8pm… Nothing else to do.

So I get home and am watching the playoffs feeling like I’m gonna fall asleep so I turn the lights off, set my alarm for the morning and continue watching TV. I fall asleep and wake up thinking, “YES! I slept through the night” only to look at the clock and see that it’s 12:30am. I tried to go back to sleep, but I was just wide awake.

I proceed to get dressed and head to church. Still working on my ‘script’ for the announcement that morning. I was super geeked that I got the opportunity to do an announcement. I felt really good after 8 o’clock service, but I think 12:30 got the best one… It was so funny to see people’s reactions, like, “OMG, you did so good.” “You were so well spoken and articulate.” blah blah blah… And don’t get me wrong, I TOTALLY appreciated the compliments, it was just funny because I guess I expected that from myself so I wasn’t surprised when it happened that way. I think because they weren’t expecting it from me, it was different. But I am super excited to get the running classes underway!

The whole while people were telling me how well they thought I did, I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “If you only knew…” and I’ll leave it at that for now. My people know exactly what I’m talking about…

Anyway, I get home from church around 5:30, took a nap until 7:30, ate some dinner, watched 24 and had some great conversations, which I may blog about later. That’s about it for now… My ‘regular’ sleep patterns are back, praise GOD! And I’ll give you some more random thoughts at another time.


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