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Christmas Slump
December 26, 2008, 12:16 am
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As of late it seems like I’m not in a “Christmassy” type of mood. When I began writing this on December 20 and now it’s the early morning of the 26th. Granted Christmas has come and gone, but it’s still the “holiday” season I still feel a little depressed (let’s just call it what it is). So I’ve been thinking about what could be causing this Christmas slump…

For starters, with Christmas comes New Years and that means 2009. I already know 2009 is going to be a huge year for me and I think to some extent I’m trying trying to procrastinate and not to deal with some of the things that I know I’ll have to in 2009. I love to procrastinate! And with 2009 around the corner, I know my procrastination time has run out.

This year, I’m not in as much of a position to give the gifts that I want to and I think that’s playing a big role as well. Now, my primary love language isn’t gifts, but when I do give gifts, I always make sure that they’re on point. I never give a gift just to give a gift. I make sure that it’s something that they want and can use. I LOVE seeing people’s reaction to a great gift and surprisingly (or maybe not) my not being able to give as much as I want has thrown me off.

If I’m honest, I think, for some reason, that I’m a little depressed that there’s no romance going on either. I don’t remember there being any last year (sorry if there was!) so I don’t know why the difference. Actually I think I do know why the difference, but I’m not going to divulge that information now. Maybe later, like this time next year. Of course my love for loves songs and watching Alfie late at night don’t really help either, but whatever! I’ll be focused on other things soon enough.


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I know how you feel about being down or depressed during this time. It seems like every big life changing event that happens to me happens in the month of December. December of 2003 I was date raped which actually took place on Christmas Eve. December of 2006 I lost my mother on Dec 7th and my grandmother on Dec 24th. Needless to say December 2007 was hard simply because of my losses the previous year. December 2008 was my first Christmas in 30 years that I didn’t put up a Christmas tree, I wasn’t with family, and the first time I didn’t purchase not one gift. So that time of the year is hard for me as well. And like you it always seems to cross my mind that I’m spend yet another holiday season without that special someone. Usually by New Years I’m good to go.

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