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December 22 Mind Flush
December 22, 2008, 2:05 pm
Filed under: Mind Flush

I’ve been following a few different blogs for the past couple weeks and some do what I’m gonna call a “mind flush”. It’s really nothing beyond getting all that random stuff that’s in your head out and on “paper”.

Yesterday was SUPER long… woke up at 5am, out the house and to church by 7, served until 5pm, took a maybe 30 minute nap, then went to a friends birthday/holiday dinner, off to Twisted Taco to see my man RON G do his thing, IHOP afterwards and back home to sleep at around 2:45am

It is super cold outside! After it being in the 60s over the weekend I know some folks are gonna get sick.

This Musiq Soulchild CD is IN MY HEAD! Some great songs too though. The boy can write, what can I say.

Great message yesterday about “The Purpose of Christmas” notes can be found here: It got me a little more in the Christmas spirit… and of course that Fred Hammond helped a little bit too… He’s the King of Glory, King of Glory… WOOO!

There have been a few instances over the weekend (a friend’s brother got into a crazy car accident [here’s a picture] and left with only a broken wrist and some stitches, and a friend’s house was broken into but the family wasn’t home and is safe) that really made me think about the song “Jesus, Be a Fence”. When we sing that song, boy, I can’t even afford to play around with it. That’s one of those songs, where, you have to realize this is not for right now. It’s advanced praise, a down payment, on what you know God is going to do for you LATER! Wow… He is SO GOOD and SO GOD!

Some people will tell you a whole lot off of one question. Sometimes too much, but nonetheless.

I can’t wait to check out “Seven Pounds” Anyone interested?

I think God may be trying to turn me into a morning person during the fast.

Speaking of the fast, I’m so glad I don’t do a ton of coffee or soda that I have to ween myself off of. I’m not going to even try to say this one’s going to be easy because I’ll be training for a half marathon 3 days after we finish fasting. That should be very interesting, but I know if I just trust God with my body and offer it to Him as a living and running sacrifice, I’ll be good!

Holidays are one of those times when it doesn’t really benefit you to work for yourself. There’s no paid vacation here. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid!


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