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What’s Your Rope?
December 18, 2008, 9:22 pm
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I was watching “Inside the Actor’s Studio” today and heard something that really sparked my interest. The host, James Lipton, was being interviews by Dave Chappelle and he was talking about different people who had influence him and his craft.

He told a story about ocean liners in the early 1900s. When the ocean would get a little rocky, and the boat moved back and forth more than normal, they would set a rope around the border of the deck. The idea was that, if you were walking on the deck, and you lost your balance or fell over, you could grab onto the rope, regain your balance, and continue heading in your original direction.

It got me thinking, “What is the rope in my life?” What is that thing that, when I lose focus or balance or get thrown off course, I can grab onto to help me straighten out? Do I even have something like that? Is it a person I lean on most? Is it a thing, something of material value? Or is it something greater than that? Something eternal perhaps? Something that won’t change regardless or how much I do.

For me, I have my guide rope in the fact that I know what my purpose is. I look at the fact that God has created me for a specific mission and a unique purpose that only I can fulfill. That’s me… But what’s your rope?


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