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Ladies – Let the Man Be the Man – Part 1
December 16, 2008, 9:33 pm
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I love you.

It’s not that I don’t think you don’t know how to, or can’t, do things for yourself. In fact, I understand that you’ve become quite adept at it because Lord knows you can’t count on anyone else. I’m well aware of the fact that you are a single, independent, I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, “I’ve made it on my own and don’t need no man’s help to get where I’m going” woman. I got that. I understand that you’re proud of you accomplishments and I’m proud of you too. But I’m asking you to please let me do my job, as a man, by doing simple things for you; things like opening EVERY door that you come to, carrying your bags if we’re going somewhere, holding an umbrella for you, helping you with your coat, pulling out a chair.

Is it unnecessary? Yes. But that’s why I do it. Because it takes me going the extra mile to show you that I can about, respect, and appreciate you as a woman and a friend. Your “Prince Charming” will come with manners as all princes do, but he may be turned off, regardless of how otherwise attractive you are, by your attitude towards him being polite and courteous. He may only try so many times before he gives up on you and the possibility of a relationship.

When you don’t let me act like a man, you not only hurt my feelings, but something deeper. God created man and woman with specific roles to play. He saw that man couldn’t do things by himself and He saw there were things a woman could not do by herself. That’s why we have two sexes. If one could do everything, there’d be no need for the other. When you interfere with my meeting my God-given desire to act like a man, you pain my manhood, the very essence of who God has created me to be. You have to let me be a leader, a provider, a warrior, a man. When you take that from me, you leave me with nothing.

You say, “I’m a lady”, “I’m a grown woman”, “I’m a queen”, then demand that a man treat you like one! Do you really think that the Queen of England opens her own doors besides when she’s alone? Of course not! If you say that you are these things, then you need to act like them for crying out loud! You be the lady, the woman, the queen, and please, let the man be the man. If you never let him show his true colors, how can you know his character and his level of respect, not only for you, but for women in general.

I love you. Thank you in advance for you cooperation. It is greatly appreciated.


PS. Please know it’s important that I feel like I’m in control of the situation, so when we’re driving, if I don’t ask for your opinion, please don’t volunteer it. I know you know how to drive and where to go. I know it’s hard when you know a shorter, better, faster way to get where we’re going, but as long as your the passenger, please don’t try to drive. 4 hands on the steering wheel doesn’t work out well. It’s simply not big enough.


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